Northwest Indian College Growing Dynamically and Culturally By: Renée Roman Nose


By Renée Roman Nose, NWIC Tulalip Site Manager

Northwest Indian College (NWIC) is the only regional Tribal College in the nation at this time. Serving more than 1,400 students through their main campus located on the Lummi reservation, and their regional sites on the Nisqually, Swinomish, Port Gamble S’Klallam, Muckleshoot, Tulalip and providing two locations on the extensive Nez Perce reservation, one at Kamiah and one in Lapwai.

NWIC is a regionally accredited college with a wide array of degree offerings from certificate programs to Bachelor degrees; NWIC is committed to providing degree programs which meet the needs and challenges of our changing communities while continuing to integrate cultural knowledge into our courses.

Northwest Indian Collegegfdgfd

 At Northwest Indian College basket weaving isn’t a joke, it’s a serious art form as evidenced by our annual Weavers Teaching Weavers Conference and the high quality of basketry shared and learned at our annual conference. WTW brings together talented artists from all over the region to share their knowledge and provide cultural continuity of this beautiful and challenging art form. Other conferences sponsored by NWIC are the annual Vine Deloria, Jr. Conference, held each summer, which brings scholars and students from all over the United States and Canada.

With Bachelor degrees in Native Environmental Science, Native Studies Leadership and our newest bachelor degree program in Tribal Governance and Business Management, NWIC is unique nationally in our continuing efforts to provide pertinent programs of study and diverse learning modalities. NWIC offers courses during the day and evenings, classes are also offered via Interactive Television, independent learning and online as well.

Northwest Indian College

Nahale Napeahi with Vince Redhouse, two time Grammy nominated internationally known musician, teaching Native Flute at NWIC Tulalip.

We offer student housing and a cafeteria for students wishing to live on main campus. We also have child care, a math and writing center, computer labs, and an extensive library which will house the Vine Deloria, Jr. collection when our new library is completed.

Northwest Indian ffgfgf

Students in front of Student Dormitory located on Lummi campus.

NWIC has two-year degrees in: Native Environmental Science, Business and Entrepreneurship, Public and Tribal Administration, Native Oksale Education, General Direct Transfer, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Early Childhood Education, Chemical Dependency and Individualized Program. Certificate programs include: Computer Repair Technician, Construction Trades, Office Professions, Hospitality, Web Page Development, Casino Gaming Technician, Project Management. New degree programs are in the planning stages and those developments will be announced after they are approved by the regional accreditation board.

Northwest Indian College.jpgdfdfdfd

Danae Black, President’s List for Winter term 2014, with Swil Kanim at NWIC Tulalip Open Mic Night.

NWIC main campus at Lummi also offers sports for all you enthusiasts. We are two time AIHEC men’s basketball champions, having won in 2012 and 2013. We also have a ski and snowboarding team. The average graduate GPA is 3.23, more than 110 Tribes are represented among our student body region wide and 87% of our students are Native American.

There are also a wide variety of student clubs, including our nationally competitive Rocket Club, which has taken first place at the First Nations Rocket Launch for the past two years. Actors will be excited to know that NWIC has theatre and play production, among several other club offerings available for interested students.

Northwest Indian Collegerrtr

NWIC Capitol Campaign Dinner, 2014.

At NWIC, we honor tradition, culture, our elders, our youth and everyone in between. It’s never too late to get a college degree and we encourage our high achieving youth to pursue the Running Start program if they are interested in

pursuing a college degree while still in high school. Additional information is available at, or at any NWIC campus.

Northwest Indian Collegegfdfedfd

By Renée Roman Nose, NWIC Tulalip Site Manager

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