Youth Standing up for Mother Earth by: Matt Remle

Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez & Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez & Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

We often hear that the youth of this generation are dedicated more to updating their Facebook profiles and glued to their other social media pages than concern for the issues and global affairs happening around them. While this might be true for many youth, and adults alike, it is certainly not the case for all.

Last Real Indians was recently contacted by two incredible brothers Itzcuauhtli Roske-Martinez, 10 & Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, 13 (Aztec) sharing a hip hop video they made about protecting and standing up for Mother earth. It is truly LRInspiring to see these young brothers sharing and spreading a message of concern over the well being of our shared mother earth.

The brothers are also involved with the organization Earth Guardians whose goal is to: The Earth Guardians are committed to standing up and protecting the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Atmosphere so that our generation, and those to follow, will inherit a healthy, sustainable and habitable planet.

We salute these two young Aztec warriors and commended them on their beautiful words and actions. Maka Ina, Mother Earth, is in desperate need of more warriors, all of ages, to stand up and protect her against the abuses by multinational corporations, militarism, and a world view that values profit over life.

2 thoughts on “Youth Standing up for Mother Earth by: Matt Remle

  1. Aho. Good to See this. You are waking up to featuring Warriors of this new time. I was glad to read about Red Cloud’s solar initiative on the reservation, bringing resources and jobs and momentum. These two have dedicated their lives in sacred ceremonies to the protection of Mother Earth, the atmosphere, the climate for future generations. Xiuh has run the four directions, practices the ancient dances, been with elders and pipe carriers. These two do so much, you cannot even imagine. From banning pesticide use in parks to turning the Boulder city council’s decision for fracking AROUND and achieving another 2 year Moratorium. The oil industry has been attacking them over, demanding that principals and teachers resign over these youth speaking their concerns about fracking at school, referring to top level professional data. PBS, Huffington Post sent the news across the nation. They are asked to speak at the rio+20 summit, at changemaker festivals in Australia, and the UN … to spark and spread Earth Guardian groups living 50 sustainable values and taking action on local causes in Africa, Europe, Brazil and India… and to join sacred ceremonies far away from their home. They have never cut their hair, never caused suffering to an animal, never eaten meat, only taken what they need. — On behalf of young warriors like them, walking the Earth in all colours, I invite you to join a series of *monthly of webcasts tuned to United Nations Days of Peace / Food / Girls … that Xiuh, Lulu, Julia and Emma are headlining … presenting youth led initiatives for positive change, tool packs, exhibits for mobilizing their entire school and community, tips and consultation, a true changemaker training … fit for participation as youth, citizens, youth groups, and SCHOOLS. We would love to have “Last Real Indians Youth and Schools” with us, since these are special times and ROLE MODELS of what a healthy, shining warrior looks like, feels like is something we need to see — We know from our relatives and science that “80% of human (mammal) behaviour is shaped by role models. Subconsciously. Copy-paste.” What would Crazy Horse do today? Connecting to spirits for strength is one thing. Taking transformative action is the new medicine. — Find out more at

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