Learn Colors in Lakota part 2 by Matt Remle

LRInspire language preservation presents: Learn colors (oówa) in Lakota part 2!

The Oceti Sakowin (the Seven Council Fires) is comprised of seven tribal divisions that speak three distinct dialects: Dakota, Nakota and Lakota.  Four tribes speak Dakota (Mdewakantun, Wahpetun, Wahpekute, Sisitun), two tribes speak Nakota (Ihanktunwan, Ihanktunwani), and one speaks Lakota (Titunwan).

The Titunwan (People of the Prairie) are divided into seven bands: Oglala, Sicangu, Mnikowoju, Sihasapa, Itazipco, Oohenunpa, and the Hunkpapa.





















Posted by: Matt Remle


6 thoughts on “Learn Colors in Lakota part 2 by Matt Remle

  1. Hello,
    Do you happen to know a resource for learning to speak Nakota? My grandma was the last of our family to speak it.
    Thank you!!

    • Hau (hello), Nakota, Lakota and Dakota are dialects of the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires). The languages are essentially the same with some minor dialectical and geographic differences. The main difference is the use of L, D and N in words. For example

      Lekší (uncle Lakota)
      Dekší (uncle Dakota)
      Nekší (uncle Nakota)

      So, you can learn Nakota, or Dakota, by simply replacing the N, or D, where you see a L. Hope that helps.

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