For Immediate Release: Indigenous New Media Symposium 2/21/14

For Immediate Release: Indigenous New Media Symposium 2/21/14

The Indigenous New Media Symposium aims to bring together Native American and First Nation media makers and creative activists to discuss how new media platforms are being used in the indigenous community to educate, organize, entertain, and advocate. In the past few years blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other tools have become important mechanisms to communicate indigenous perspectives in North America. Traditional media’s long history of native stereotypes is being confronted by a new tech-savvy young generation that is speaking out strongly about cultural, political and economic issues.

Speakers Include:

Chase Iron Eyes

Clayton Thomas-Muller

Jessica Metcalfe

Adrienne Keene

INMS will take place in the historic Tishman Auditorium at The New School. Entrance is at 66 W 12th St in the heart of Greenwich Village. 

For more information go to:

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