Mic Jordan Hip Hop with a Message


Mic Jordan (Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s)

Mic Jordan is a Native American Hip Hop artist that speaks truth and passion about life and where he came from. Growing up, music heavily influenced his childhood and he uses his voice to tackle issues about gun violence, alcoholism, and self confidence. As a performer, he continues to change the mind of those who would suspect hip hop as being a form of verbal violence to the like ability of the genre.

Mic Jordan was born in Belcourt, ND and is an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s.

Mic Jordan doesn’t use any sort of cuss words in his lyrics, nor does he talk about things as most rappers. His music talks a lot dealing with depression, Growing up without a father, and dealing with losing family members to alcohol.

According to Mic Jordan, “I can see myself working in Native Country, perhaps traveling across the us to reservations talking to young Native American students.”

Mic Jordan, currently working on the Sometime After 83 album that date will be announced soon. Please stay to tune to what the future holds for Mic Jordan.

http://micjordanmusic.bandcamp.com/ Released the Born With It EP in November and you can find it at

Music Saved Me feat. Ashley Rose. Song is about dealing with depression. Music Saved Me is also about moving away from the pills, drugs, and alcohol.

Music Video- It Feels Good Don’t It

Music video- Life is Like A Dream feat. Kaylee Black

facebook page


For booking contact Mic Jordan at: micjordanmusic@gmail.com

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