Lakota Female Gender Endings

In the Lakota creation story, we are taught that both man and woman are equally important and both essential to creation. Man and woman were instructed with specific and unique roles and responsibilities towards the health and well being of all creation. Lakota utilizes gender endings to remind us of these different, unique and essential roles and responsibilities instructed to both man and woman.

Here are the different Gender Endings for females.

Statement singular: ksto

Líla wašté ksto. (very good/well.)

Statement plural: pe

Hená waštépe or Hená waštépi ksto. (They are good.)

Question: he


Nígluštaƞ he? (Are you finished?)

Plural (add pi)

Nígluštaƞpi he?

Command singular: ye

Anáǧoptaƞ ye! (Listen!)

Command plural: pe

Anáǧoptaƞ pe! (You all listen!)

If a verb ends in u, o, or uƞ, the gender endings ye becomes we

Ečhúƞ we! (Do it!)

Makípazo we! (Show me!)

Ú we! (Come here!)

Vocals by Audrey Remle

Audrey Remle far right

Audrey Remle far right






Posted by Wakinyan Waanatan (Matt Remle)

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