Speaking Everyday Lakota: Táku luhá hwo/he?

LRInspire Native language preservation presents: Speaking Lakota for Everyday Use: Táku luhá hwo/he? (What do you have?)

Yuhá (To have)

Bluhá (I have)

Luhá (You have)

Uƞyúha (You and I have)

Uƞyúhapelo/pi (We have. Pelo- Male/Pi- female)

(hená) yúhapeló/pi (They have. Pelo- Male/Pi- female)

Táku luhá hwo/he? (What do you have? hwo/he m/f)

Tȟápa waƞ bluhá. (I have a ball.)

Hokšíla kiƞ lé táku yuhá hwo/he? (What does the boy have? hwo/he m/f)

Wáta waƞ yuhá. (He has a boat.)

Tuwá pápa etáƞ yuhá hwo/he? (Who has some dried meat? hwo/he m/f)

Wičháša kiƞ hé pápa etáƞ yuhá. (That man has some dried meat.)

By: Wakinyan Waanatan (Matt Remle)





For more on learning to speak Lakota go to https://lrinspire.com/category/language-preservation/lakota-language/

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