Rock, Paper, Scissors Lakota(ized) by Matt Remle

Most of us, at some point, have settled a bet, dare, or debate with the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge. You know the one where rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, scissors beats paper. Here at LRInspire we’ve taken the game and Lakota(ized) it.

rockÍƞyaƞ (rock)





wowapiskaWówapi ská (paper)





iyushlaIyúšla (scissors)





Here’s Íƞyaƞ, Wówapi ská, Iyúšla (Rock, Paper, Scissors) sung, three times of course because best 2/3 wins, for you.

inyan2By Wakiƞyaƞ Waanataƞ (Matt Remle)


2 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors Lakota(ized) by Matt Remle

  1. Every night I sit with my grandaughters on my bed listening to Our Paiute words. We are learning together. I would like to thank you so very much for Your Teachings. Its a Blessing. I feel so good in my Spirit to learn n share this with my Family so happy n Proud to learn this. We are Paiute from KlamathFalls Chiloquin Oregon YahooSkin. My Husband is Paiute Shoshone from Falon Nevada. Myron’s cousin. So this makes it more Special knowing they are learning from family thier grandpa’s” papas” cousin. So I’d love to Thank Myron for his Wonderful Teachings here. Free! It also makes it easier for me. Thank you. I also like to Thank Myron for His Blessed hard Work n His Prayer n All he’s doing for Our Relatives at Standing Rock. Prayers for Myron n his Family. Much Like be Peace Respect Prayer n Honor ……tobymary huittAustin

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