Download 2014 Lushootseed Language Calender

Download 2014 Lushootseed Language Calender developed by the Tulalip Lushootseed language department.

From the the Tulalip Lushootseed language department:

For the people of the Puget Sound, the world itself was the calendar. An awareness of seasons and the passage of time came in response to what was happening in the world. The calendar, for lack of a better term, was in response to an interactive relationship of the plants and animals around us, as well as the tides and stars.

Each year was unique and would have been described in its own terms, not in standard units of time measurement. For each season, or period of time, descriptions of what was happening in the world, referenced what plants were flowering, bearing fruit or resting. References were also made to the tides of fall and winter, what type of salmon were running to the spawning grounds, distinctive weather events, and what was happening with the animals around us. Because of unique characteristics from one year to the next, some months may have more than one name.

The Lushootseed Calendar is closely related to the Lunar calendar, meaning there are 12 or 13 months in a year, and several time periods cover more than one Gregorian calendar month. In 2014, we will have 13 new moons. Next year, 2015 there will be 12 new moons. The seasons, which the months are roughly based on are:

Fall pədʔuladxʷ, silver salmon return.

Winter pədt̕əs, cold weather.

Spring ʔuhiʔhədəb, getting a little warmer.

Summer pədhədəb, hot season.

Download 2014 Lushootseed Language Calender

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