Learning to Speak Paiute lesson 04

LRInspire language preservation presents Learning to Speak Paiute Lesson 04 with Myron Dewey

See you next time.

See you tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow.

Good teachings

team_myron Myron Dewey (Paiute/Shoshone) is the owner and Director of Digital Smoke Signals http://www.digitalsmokesignals.com/ and is involved in efforts to revitalize the Paiute language.

1 thought on “Learning to Speak Paiute lesson 04

  1. I would truely love to speak my Paiute teach it to my granbabys.. I have 10….16 months to 17 years. My reservation is KlamathFalls oregon..I would someday long time from now…when i see my dad…rip…again.. I would like to greet him in Paiute

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