LRInspire Launches Lakota Language Book

Last Real Indian’s LRInspire Native language preservation program recently launched the first of its Lakota language companion books.Since its inception LRInspire’s Native language preservation program has been posting regular Lakota language lessons to its webpage . The companion books were developed in conjunction with the on-line lessons.


The first book “Oówa” focuses on learning colors in Lakota. One of the goals of the book was to reach Lakota language learners from different angles including both audio and visual. The on-line content helps learners in hearing the language and the books are meant to supplement the on-line lessons.


In addition to the Lakota language, LRInspire works in partnership with individuals and tribal language programs to provide on-line content to learn the Lushootseed and Paiute languages as well.

For more information on the Lakota language companion books contact Matt Remle at

“LRInspire seeks to promote the resurgence, protection, preservation and passing on of our various Traditional Native Languages. We will be bringing you stories by various language teachers and languages learners, as well as, be exploring the ways in which our languages shape and foster our views of the world and how to live in it. We believe that any attempts of decolonization and the exercising of true sovereignty must include the centering of our traditional languages. Our goal is to inspire a Turtle Island wide resurgence in the urgency to learn, relearn, and pass on our traditional languages to the next generations. Our ancestors are waiting.”

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