Shining Soul – “NO MERCY” (Music Video Premiere)

This is a time to stop pleading for human rights and to start demanding justice. We need to identify and attack the root causes of the oppressions we face that continue to divide us internally as a movement. We need to say a lot more about the international trade policies that continue to uproot people from their homes. Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) is clearly not a people’s solution. Profiting off our demise as a raza and converting Indigenous territories to paramilitary police states is big business for government officials, corporations, and NGO’s promoting these reforms. We need to be in the business of asking critical questions to be a stronger, united force in responding to this attack and fight back!” ~Shining Soul

The hip hop duo Shining Soul releases its powerful new music video “No Mercy”. The video was filmed in Occupied Phoenix, AZ and Tohono O’odham Nation and addresses border militarization in indigenous & migrant communities.

Fronted by MCs Liaizon of Central Phoenix/Tohono O’odham Nation and Bronze Candidate of South Phoenix, Shining Soul’s been steady rising since independently releasing their first full-length project “WE GOT THIS” which dropped in 2011.

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