Speaking Lakota Presents: Wačhípi! Powwow time! Part 1

Speaking Lakota Presents: Wačhípi! Powwow time! Part 1. Across Turtle Island, powwow’s (a term derived from the Narragansett language meaning gathering or meeting), have become popular inter-tribal gatherings that blend song, dance, reunions, and ceremony.

It is widely believed that the modern powwow evolved out of the Grass Dance Societies of the Northern and Southern Plains. This is part 1 in our series on powwows and learning the different terminology regarding them in Lakota.


Wačhípi (powwow, dance, dancing)

Waȟpé wókheya (arbor)

Éyapaha (announcer/MC)

Hóčhoka (inside dance arena)

Owáčhi (dance arena)

Wačhípi kíƞ ibláble wačhíƞ yelo. (I want to go to the powwow.)

Éyapaha kíƞ tuwé hwo/he? (Who is the MC/annoucer? hwo/he = m/f)

Posted and vocals by: Matt Remle


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