Speaking Everyday Lakota: Basic Greetings

LRInspire Native language preservation presents: Speaking Everyday Lakota: Basic Greetings. Here are different greetings that can be used for different times of the day.






Híƞhaƞni láȟčiƞ (Good morning)








Aƞpétu wašté (Good day)








Ȟtayétu wašté (Good evening)








Haƞhépi wašté (Good night)



Mitakuye oyasin

Vocals by Wakinyan Wa’anatan (Matt Remle)





*Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights of LRInspire

16 thoughts on “Speaking Everyday Lakota: Basic Greetings

  1. Han. Philamayaye 🙂
    It is not very easy but so beautiful language.
    One day i will speak lakota very well….i hope my english is not very good too lol
    What signification of “wakinyan wa’anatan”?
    With Wakinyan i think of thunder bird but i am not sure
    Hanhépi wašté

  2. Pilamaya ye for sharing for ones that want to learn 🙂 I’m doing great by hearing the pronunciations however I can’t do the guttural sounds., it’s too harsh for me and I’m worried that I won’t be able to speak fluently. Is it really needed??

  3. Hello and well met;

    I am an author wishing to use some Lakota phrases but it’s extremely important for me to get them correct. I have found some discrepancies online from different sources, so to say I am frustrated is an understatement.
    I am Metis (French/Ojibway) but I can speak neither language. Don’t ask. lol.
    I would very much appreciate it if I could ask you some questions through email.

    Many thanks!


  4. Hi. My ceremonial name is Night Sky Woman – I would like to know how to say it in Lakota
    Could you help me?

  5. These are awesome! Thank you! My husband is maintenance for Lakota Homes here in Rapid City, We learned ‘good morning’ so he can greet his residence there in their native tonque, we love your true culture & heritage, have grown up here & would like to honor the Lakota Sioux by learning your language💜

  6. Thank You for all you do for our Native family. I was born and raised in So.Dak. My father Keith Kilian spoke the language. We had photos of native ancestors. I know little of them. But my heart is always with the Tribes,as are my prayers. So thankful you are standing up against the Governor to keep safe. Love Prayers . Mariann Kilian.

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