The Montana State Legislature Passes Bill to Fund Native Language Programs

On April 23rd, the Montana State Legislature passed a bill that will provided funding for Native American immersion language programs in public schools.

Senate Bill 272, sponsored by Senator Jonathan Windy Boy from the Rocky Boy Reservation, seeks to redress the state’s and Federal governments historic policies that once punished Native peoples from speaking their Native languages during the boarding school era.

Sen. Jonathan Windy Boy

Sen. Jonathan Windy Boy

The bill makes funding available to Crow, Salish and other Native American language programs in public school districts where at least 10 percent of students are Native American or districts that border or lie within tribal reservations.

Montana becomes the second state to provided funding for Native American language immersion programs. Hawai’i is the only other state that provides funding for Native language immersion programs.

Read full text of SB 272 here

1 thought on “The Montana State Legislature Passes Bill to Fund Native Language Programs

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