Download Free Lakota Language Activity Book

LRInspire presents: free downloadable Lakota language activity book! The Lakota language activity book is filled with fun activities from coloring to word searches all designed to promote Lakota language learning for all ages!

Download & print free Lakota language activity book here Lakota Language Activity Book

To help Lakota language learners with pronunciation for the activities in the Lakota language activity book, the following audio was created to correspond with book activities.

Coloring & practice writing in Lakota activity #1 Matȟó

Matȟó (Bear)

Matȟó kiƞ ǧí (The bear is brown)

Matȟó kiƞ máni (The bear is walking)

Lakota Word Search #1

Tȟaƞka (Large)

Čík’ala (Small)

Wašté (Good)

Šíča (Bad)

Káƞ (Old living person or animal)

Tȟaƞníla (old or used object)

Tȟéča (New or young)

Tké (Heavy)

Očhíƞšiče (Bad mood)

Coloring & practice writing in Lakota activity #2 Šúƞka


Súƞka kiƞ sápe

Šúƞka kiƞ íyaƞke

Lakota Word Search #2

Cȟéya (to cry)

Wíšteča  (to be shy)

Očhíƞšiča (to be mean)

Waštéčaka (to be kind)

Witkótkoka (to be foolish)

Coloring & practice writing in Lakota activity #3 Igmú

Igmú (Cat)

Igmú kiƞ zíša (The cat is orange)

Igmú kiƞ ištíƞme (The cat is sleeping)

Lakota Word Search #3

Háƞska (Long or tall)

Čhépa (fat)

Yaƞká (to be sitting)

Ištíƞma (to sleep)

Čhaƞzéka (to be mad)

Coloring & practice writing in Lakota activity #4 Khéya

Khéya (Turtle)

Khéya kiƞ Tȟózi (The turtle is green)

Khéya kiƞ nuƞwé (The turtle is swimming)

Lakota Word Search #4

Aǧúyapi blaská (Pizza)

Aƞpáwi (the sun)

Bébela (Baby)

Čik’ala (Little or small)

Čhápa (Beaver)

Coloring & practice writing in Lakota activity #5 Waƞblí

Waƞblí (Eagle)

Waƞblí kiƞ ská na sápe (The eagle is white and black)

Waƞbli kiƞ kiƞyé (The eagle is flying)

Lakota Word Search #5

Natá (Head)

Hiƞyéte (Shoulders)

Cȟaƞkpé (Knee)

Sí (Foot)

Ištá (Eye)

Núƞǧe (Ear)

Í (Mouth)

Pȟasú (Nose)

Coloring & practice writing in Lakota activity #6 Gnašká

Gnašká (Frog)

Gnašká kiƞ tȟózi (The frog is green)

Gnašká kiƞ psíče (The frog is jumping)

Lakota Word Search #6

Ógle (Shirt)

Šiná (Blanket)

Cȟuwígnake (Dress)

Wapȟóštaƞ (Hat)

Iphíyake (Belt)

Nitéhepi (Skirt)

Uƞzóǧe (Pants)

Háƞpa (Shoes)

Lakota language activity book & corresponding audio was created by: Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle)







*Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights of LRInspire

5 thoughts on “Download Free Lakota Language Activity Book

  1. As I now live in Australia,it is great to hear Lakota, and even my Nan was saying Igmu’ instead of cat . . keep up the good work . Blessings

  2. i am of native american and heritage yet was raised white. my ancestors are from many tribes. i do not know my native language and wish to learn. i can remember my grand mother speaking and singing in cherokee and another language other than english or spanish. i always wanted to learn the language of her people but never got around to find someone to teach me. my father forbade us kids to even have granny speak anything but english in his house’ . he said once after he left the reservation in iowa he wanted to forget everything about being from there. he had a rough time as a kid. him and his 19 brothers and sisters were ripped away from my granny and put in an orphan asylum and abused in the worse way possible. him and 3 others of his siblings escaped and found their way back home. the others were adopted or passed away. what ever happened to him had turned him away from his people my older brother knows more about our people than i do. he once was a tribal judge and now a medicine man. when he was a judge he helped my son get enrolled in the seminole nation and my self into the south eastern cherokee confederacy my roll number is 1033. this is my 61 summer and before the great spirit comes for me i want to know who i am and where i belong. and be able to speak my native language so i can understand what the grandfathers and grandmothers are saying

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  4. I’m taking Lakhota Language through the LLC Group and we have a Facebook page. These downloads will help me immensely! As a web coding student, I’ve been playing with making an interactive webpage since one of my instructors teaches on the Rez. Thank you! I’m keeping this on my tablet; the pronounciation is the toughest part but this will make it easier.

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