Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Passes Resolution to Banish Drug Dealers

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is taking action to protect tribal citizens from drug dealers on the reservation.

On July 28th, the Standing Rock Sioux tribal council passed Resolution 359-15 which states that individuals 18 years or older who have been convicted in Tribal, State, or Federal Court of dealing, distributing, manufacturing, or trafficking methamphetamine or any narcotic drug “will be immediately excluded and banished according to the customary laws of the Oceti Sakowin”.

This action did not come overnight but was the result of months of deliberation and reports from local tribal members of the horrors that are committed against Standing Rock citizens while people are under the influence of the above-mentioned dangerous narcotics. The safety of Tribal members, citizens and especially our children is of primary concern to the Standing Rock Tribal Council.” the Tribe said in a press release.

Earlier in July, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Council also voted to dis-enroll and banish anyone convicted of dealing, distributing, manufacturing or trafficking methamphetamines and/or any narcotic drug for life.

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