Support wool blankets by a Native owned company

Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based small business, founded when Louie Gong (Nooksack) began customizing shoes with cultural art. In seven years, Eighth Generation has grown into a brand recognized for products that showcase art created by “Inspired Natives.” Now we’re about to launch our first line of beautiful, high quality, 100% wool blankets designed by Native artists. We’re asking for your support as we move into this exciting and important new phase in our company’s development.

With your support, Eighth Generation will become the gold standard for Native wool blankets!

The wool blanket holds a prominent place in Native communities, often given as gifts or awarded in ceremonies to honor individuals. Historically, though, the only producers of wool blankets are non-Native companies who have frequently chosen to appropriate cultural art instead of collaborating with cultural artists. It’s time to change that. We’re about to become the first ever Native-owned company to offer wool blankets.

To support Eighth Generation go to:

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