Useful Lakota Phrases 02 Anáǧoptaƞ yo!

Learning to Speak Lakota useful Lakota phrases 02 Anáǧoptaƞ yo!

Anáǧoptaƞ yo! – “Listen!” (male-said to one person)

Anáǧoptaƞ ye! – “Listen!” (female-said to one person)

Anáǧoptaƞ po! – “You all listen!” (male-said to more than one person)

Anáǧoptaƞ pe! – “You all listen!” (female-said to more than one person)


by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle) & Audrey Remle



Matt Remle (Lakota)

Audrey Remle (middle) - Lakota, Paiute

Audrey Remle (middle)


















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2 thoughts on “Useful Lakota Phrases 02 Anáǧoptaƞ yo!

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  2. This is the start of a singing which says:
    Éist, a ghrá [ Listen, love ]
    Cloisimse [ I hear ]
    Ormse [ to me ]
    Uilig seo [ to all here ]

    Will you share with us the equivalent in Lakhótiyapi ?

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