Treason Gallery Features Exhibit from Lakota Artist Cheyenne Randall

On February 4th, Treason Gallery in Seattle will hold its opening reception for its February featured exhibit, Cheyenne Randall: HOLLYWOODNT by Lakota artist Cheyenne Randall.

From Treason Gallery: HOLLYWOODNT will showcase the largest collection of Randall’s “Shopped Tattoo” series to date. Exploring the identity of iconic individuals from yesterday and today, Randall blends traditional American tattoo culture with some of history’s most celebrated Pop Icons. This series calls to question the modern obsession with fame and glamor as well as the stigmas surrounding body modification in today’s societies. Using his mastery of photo manipulation, Randall immerses his viewers in a parallel universe. Whether it is surreal landscapes or Randall’s alternative take on familiar faces of Pop Culture, his imagery is widely recognized and celebrated. Randall will also showcase his newest works consist-ing of mixed media pieces as well as his new and most exciting form of photo manipulation to date. Using a new technique Randall pushes his images into the third dimension. Simulating movement in what would otherwise be still images, Randall’s works now dance with a life of their own.

Artists Cheyenne Randall and James Franco

Artists Cheyenne Randall (right) and James Franco

HOLLYWOODNT will also showcase a collaborative mural done by Randall and Hollywood’s own James Franco. Using multiple images of Franco for his “Shopped Tattoos” series the images became some of his most identifiable pieces yet. Working on a number of projects together, Franco and Randall decided to collaborate on a mural installation. Both artists will work simultaneously in the gallery on the mural, colliding individual works and influences to create a one of kind piece of art.

Join us at the opening reception on Thursday, February 4th from 6pm-8pm at TREASON Gallery located in Pioneer Square, 319 3RD AVE S, Seattle, WA 98104.

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