Rez Genie by Rae Rose

Once upon a street, off an old reservation road, there was a lonely desolate home.  In this lonely house lived a homely, lonely old lady.  She lived with her only companion a cat.  The woman drank heavily to ease her loneliness and wile away her days.  She drank so much her cellar had become littered with bottles from all over.  She herself was not sure of where and when most of these bottles had appeared.

One day, in her search for something to quench her thirst, she found herself searching through the bottles piled high in her cellar.  It was then the woman came upon a peculiar bottle.  Thinking the contents must be worthwhile, she quickly opened the strange container and went to take a swig.

Just as the woman raised the bottle to her lips a strange smoke started pouring from it.  The bottle became heavy, the weight causing the bottle to drop from her hand.  Instead of the precious liquid she sought, out poured a genie.

“Oh thank you so much for releasing me from my prison.”  The genie exclaimed, ecstatic to be free.  “For your kindness I will grant you three wishes.”  The genie proclaimed.

“Any three wishes?” The woman asked.

“Any three wishes.”  The genie confirmed.

The woman thought for a long hard moment before answering…

“I want to be rich.”  The woman declared.

Poof.  “You are rich.”  The genie confirmed.

The woman called her bank and confirmed she was indeed fabulously wealthy.

“I want to travel anywhere in the world just by imaging my desired destination.” She said.

Poof.  “It is done.”  The genie granted.

The woman imagined a tropical beach only to find herself physically there.  Laughing she closed her eyes again imagining herself back to her cellar to collect her third and final wish.

“For my last wish, I want my cat to turn into a gorgeous man.  I wish for him to be my “companion” in every way.” (Wink, wink).  She stated.

Poof.  “It is done.”  And with those words the genie was gone.

Excited, the woman ran upstairs to see her final wish.  Sitting on the couch where the cat had once been was a gorgeous man with long flowing hair, chiseled body, and dark inviting eyes.  He was her every fantasy, any straight woman’s fantasy to be exact.  He motioned for her to come closer.

She went to him, her heart beating out of control.  She was aching to touch and taste him.  He pulled her to him.  He began to caress and kiss her.  He whispered sweet words in her ear as he teased her body.  She was beyond ecstasy.

He lowered his lips to her ear and whispered sweetly.  “Isn’t it a shame you had me neutered?”





Rae Rose (Paiute, Mayan, Japanese) is an Indigenous writer based in the NW. Follow her @Rae_Rose7

by Rae Rose (Paiute, Mayan, Japanese, Writer, Mother, Indigenous) @Rae_Rose7

*This story was originally shared by Johnny Moses (Tulalip)

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