From Pine Ridge B.C.P drops 3rd World Music

Straight from Pine Ridge, B.C.P rises up with a warriors heart and a warriors passion to drop his latest release 3rd World Music.

Crafted and created on the Pine Ridge rez, 3rd World Music is B.C.P’s latest release as a solo artist.

B.C.P (Big Crow Playa) was originally a part of a group that was destined to break big in the early 2000’s, but suffered a set back due to the imprisonment of one of its members, Don J, on attempted murder charges and the deployment of another member, Cnipa~Royal. Left to stand on his own, B.C.P took the opportunity to find his own musical talent.

In 2009, Don J was released and Cnipa~Royal returned from service. Things were looking up for this group of hustlaz, warriorz, and street savvy M.C.’s, until DJ Locc was imprisoned again. As he waited for the release of Don J, B.C.P purchased a computer and built a home recording studio. After the loss of his first child in June of 2009, he decided to not wait any longer and was now a mission to make it, determined to let the word know that he was not going to take anymore losses, and started recording in December of 2009.

In 2014, he released his first album “Fuk Yo Feelings” by Royalty Music Ent, with a feature from Carolyn Rodriguez, a well known hip hop artist, a first from an artist from Pine Ridge.

In late 2015, B.C.P released his second album “3rd World Music“. 3rd World Music was produced by Grammy award winning producer Jaime “Pain” Ortiz. “B.C.P – 3rd World Music” features Carolyn Rodriguez & Rasheed of Dope House Records and Pancho V of Salty Water Records. It was co-produced by super producer Rapid Traxx, Downtown Music, Jay-B, Ray Williams and more. The album includes the new street single “Only Me”, and the radio ready track “Light up my Life”. It also features real life records “Bak Against the Wall”, “Hold On”, “Haterz”, and the club ready joints “You Ain’t Hot Boi”, and “She Moves”.

B.C.P ft Rapid Traxx – LIGHT UP MY LIFE

Upcoming projects for B.C.P include a collaboration with 2016 XXL Magazine Freshman Nominee “KAP G”.  B.C.P has also been nominated for a 2016 Native American Music Award for Best New Artist and Best Hip Hop/R & B Song.

B.C.P is involved with his community at an annual event during the Oglala Nation Powwow & Rodeo called “Summertime in the 605”, which is an event featuring local talent from rock, rap, hip hop, country and R&B.  B.C.P’s vision is to open a recording studio this coming summer in Pine Ridge for artist who cannot afford studio time.

3rd World Music can be purchased on itunes @

It is also available for download or CD @


2 thoughts on “From Pine Ridge B.C.P drops 3rd World Music

  1. This is a very good album that I personally believe the people of Pine Ridge and all the surrounding counties and communities can be proud of. This is my first album featuring an artist of Native American decent and I can witness that this is a well put together album straight from the hearts and minds of a great people. Support this album and I promise you will find it entertaining, informative and,… Inspiring.

    Jaime “Pain” Ortiz


  2. This artist is dedicated to his artfrom, he does this with his heart, and desire to show the world what our government has put our cutlure thru and then on a “backburner” so to speak. It was an honor to work with him on almost every track he has done in any form or another. I myself am Oglala Lakota/Mexican bloodline. Live in Oglala,SD near this awesome artist and I like seeing him succeed further and further thru each track and collaboration. I know he has what it takes. Some songs are for the streets, some songs are for the youth but all in all. Its for the World to hear of his environment n surroundings. Goid work BCP. Keep working, keep showing them what they are not knowledgable of until they themselves can reach their own goals n dreams.

    One Love, 605 Style
    Miguel “MiguelJon” Castillo

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