ASRW – Arming Sisters Reawakening Warriors

ASRW (Arming Sisters Reawakening Warriors) is our organization, which aims to re-empower & reawaken individuals – in-turn, building our communities stronger.

It takes individuals to better a community. Many Natives suffer from unresolved historical & generational trauma. This unresolved trauma leads to many health disparities in NDN Country.

For Example:

· The average of death among Native men in North Dakota is 52 years, compared to 72 years of our Non-Native counterparts. (A 20 year difference! – & this is just one example across NDN Country.)

· The 3rd leading cause of death for Native women? Murder.

· Diabetes rates are 17.9% among Natives – compared to 2.5% of our Non-Native counterparts.

So…how do we improve?

We all have to do our part – & ASRW is our unique approach.

ASRW aims to re-empower & reawaken the mental, physical, spiritual, & emotional health of Indigenous communities through SELF-Defense.

We have a unique view, approach, & application of self-defense. Yes, we teach self-defense moves – however, the manner in which they are taught is quite different. First – we’ve redefined self-defense to SELF-Defense.


SELF-Defense: Protecting the human elements of mental, physical, spiritual, & emotional health based on individual needs.

We also believe one of the best ways to begin healing the SELF is through physical action. Physical action has the ability to re-empower – empowerment an individual may have forgotten exists within. It’s not about violence on violence – we believe that’s counter productive. Instead, it’s reawakening the SELF to remember we are powerful beyond measure.

Utilizing two lifetimes worth of cultural experiences – internationally & throughout NDN Country. This combined with 12 years of teaching, & 16 years of martial arts & fitness application means we as ASRW can provide experience & evidence based curriculum.

In order to reach our communities properly, we need YOUR help getting on our feet!

Our goal of $8,000 will allow us the breathing room to develop proper plans of action & secure funding to deliver courses efficiently & effectively at a national level. This will also allow us to explore new opportunities to build local community.

Thank you for your time & support & we hope to see you in your community!

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1 thought on “ASRW – Arming Sisters Reawakening Warriors

  1. As indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, we all need to begin to do this, in order to make things much better than what our past did to us. I feel that we lived through our own ‘silent war’ of genocide, and if we made it this far and lived this long, than we are a great example for our own indigenous youth, so far. We taught our own children, very well, and it is seen, how they are today, and how they take great care of their own children, and pass on our legacy. I can look back now, after all the hard work we did, to keep ourselves alive and well and healthy. We taught ourselves, ‘self defence’, already, with the help of our ancestors, who had already paved the ‘red road’ for us. I thank the Creator daily, for saving us, from the ‘genocidal tactics’ and give thanks for our lives, with hope to the future. I think, as indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, we shall lead the way, once again, and make this world a better place, for all human beings and all living things. Sorry, I cannot afford to send any support funds, but I can add my ‘two cents’, as to what I think.

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