MC Rhetorik Releases ‘Abstract Thoughts’

It’s energy. It’s genetic memory. I’m connected to the past present and future all at once.” -MC Rhetorik.  Hailing from the Pueblo of Kewa, hip hop artist MC Rhetorik drops the ‘Abstract Thoughts’ album.

On August 10th, 1680 in the province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, present day New Mexico, marked the start of an Indigenous uprising against the Spanish colonizers known as the Pueblo Revolt. The Pueblo’s, under the leadership of Popé and other Pueblo leaders, planned and orchestrated the revolt which resulted in successfully driving the Spanish out of their homelands.

On August 10, 2016, MC Rhetorik (Santo Domingo Pueblo) carries on this storied history of resistance by releasing the second part of his concept ‘Abstract Thoughts‘, with Abstract Thoughts the album.


MC Rhetorik

Last Real Indians editor Matt Remle recently connected with MC Rhetorik to talk about his latest release, his involvement in social movements and his efforts to bring positive energy to the masses.

Tell us about Abstract Thoughts the album

Abstract Thoughts the album is the second part of a larger concept called Abstract Thoughts, which is an umbrella for a series of projects I’m working on. Part one was Abstract Thoughts-The Mixtape. In the album you’ll get to hear my soul, the album says I’m here, I’m here to stay, this is my life.

I chose to release the album on August 10th to bring that Pueblo state of mind, to bring greater awareness of the history of the Pueblo Revolt to the world.

For more on the concept Abstract Thoughts

What are your plans for the release of Abstract Thoughts

I’ll be releasing the album on-line on for download.  Today, I will be giving both a workshop and performing at the Youth Making a Change: Youth Conference in Albuquerque. I’m pretty honored and excited since the conference was entirely organized by our youth. That’s inspiring. From there I’ll be headed to Utah this weekend for a performance.  In the future, the album will be available on CD.

Check out the single ‘State of Emergency (Through My Eyes)’ Feat. Nataanii Means  from Abstract Thoughts

Get ‘State of Emergency (Through My Eyes)’ here free:

What/who are your influences

Musically, it’s underground hip hop. Also artists like Nas, Canibus, Quese IMC. More broadly the entire hip hop culture.  Hip hop was born to speak out for people to be heard to be an avenue to bring a message to the broader public.

As a Native, I could relate to the messages Black hip hop artists were rapping about.  I’m also drawn to hip hops message of peace, love, unity to lift each other up like a family to give solidarity and also give back to our communities. 

Hip hop is a voice, one people listen to.  It is up to us to find our own voice and decide what to do with that voice.


I first met you when you came out to perform for a Shell No demonstration in Seattle to fight against oil drilling in the arctic. Since, I’ve seen you active across Turtle Island giving workshops for youth, going to, and supporting, different social movements. For you, how is hip hop a tool for social justice?

Hip hop is all about bringing people together using our voice and building each other up. I’ve been at rallies in the Bay Area blocking intersections with Black Lives Matter and later on connecting with the same folks at shows. That’s the solidarity it brings. For me, I want to use my voice to bring the positive energy to lift our people up, to build across nations and build solidarity with other communities in understanding that we are all in this together.

Preview and purchase Abstract Thoughts here

For bookings contact MC Rhetorik @

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by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle- Lakota)

MC Rhetorik (far left) with LRI's Matt Remle (third from left) at Shell No demostration

MC Rhetorik (far left) with LRI’s Matt Remle (center green shirt) at Shell No demostration

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