Supporting the Battle Against the Dakota Access Pipeline: How You Can Support by Linda Black Elk

I have received a number of questions regarding the best sites for donating to #NoDAPL efforts to stop the Dakota Access pipeline on the Standing Rock Nation.  I have compiled a list of trusted sites where you can donate to the effort to support the #NoDAPL fight.

First let me say, this is probably not a complete list. Just a list of sites we know to be legitimate. Also, I do not list individual efforts to “get to camp.” I support lots of individuals by helping them with gas money, and if you choose to do the same, make absolutely sure that you know who you are supporting and why.

***There are a lot of bad people taking advantage of our efforts and making money by claiming they are buying donations or making a trip out here – be careful.***

How your money helps

In addition to supporting the substantial legal costs required in fighting the Dakota Access pipeline, the majority of that funding is being spent on supplies and to BUILD AN ENTIRE, ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE CITY FROM THE GROUND UP, LITERALLY.

You see, your donations are not just going to supply a temporary encampment. They are going to help rebuild lives. We are getting permanent, traditional housing in the form of tipis with liners. We are also setting up gers (yurts), Ojibwe longhouses, Earth lodges, and some campers are even looking at cob and straw bale structures.

We want to be completely wind and solar operated and off grid by 2018. We are trying desperately to build green, large scale water purification systems. We are trying to get back to the land in a good way. This takes time, it takes people, and in today’s society – it takes money. We can’t do it alone, and all people are welcome on this journey.

I have heard concerns about the “separate camps” and criticism of separate gofundme pages for the different bands of Lakota and Dakota. For some reason, this makes outsiders think that we are not united. That is also FALSE. For one, it takes the pressure off of a single camp from having to make sure funding is equally disseminated to every, single person. It also means that these camps are practicing a traditional method of taking care of their Ospaye (band) while still contributing to the greater Oyate (Tribe).

Listed below are sites that I personally trust and know to be reliable. These will give you the most impact for your donation dollar. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS…ASK! STOP SPREADING LIES, MISINFORMATION AND RUMORS. If you see/hear the phrase “I heard…” DO NOT LISTEN. Most rumors are spread by people who aren’t even at camp! Again, ASK if you have questions or concerns.

If you want to send supplies directly, you can mail them to:

Sacred Stone Camp
P.O. Box 1011
Fort Yates, ND 58538
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Attention: Donations
PO Box D
Building #1
North Standing Rock Avenue
Fort Yates, ND 58538

To send supplies to the kids at the Defenders of the Water School, please purchase items on the Amazon wish list…please DO NOT send more school supplies:

You can donate directly to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe at their PayPal:

Here is the Sacred Stone Camp Amazon Wish List:

Sacred Stone Camp direct funding:
OR BY PayPal:

OR you can contribute to the Sacred Stone Camp legal fund to get representation for those who have been arrested and/or physically attacked by Dakota Access:

Red Warrior Camp direct funding:
OR you can donate directly to the Red Warrior legal fund to get representation for those who have been arrested and/or physically attacked by Dakota Access:

Oglala Camp direct funding:

To help winterize the large, Oceti Sakowin Camp and keep water protectors on site this winter:

To support a women’s healing, wellness, and birthing center at camp:

Please send medical supplies directly to:
Wasté Win Young
950 Meadowlark Street
Fort Yates ND 58538

Please send herbs and traditional medicines directly to:
Linda Black Elk
P.O. Box 924
Mobridge, SD 57601



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