Water Protectors stop construction at Dakota Access Pipeline site in Keokuk

Keokuk, IA – Construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline was interrupted again today by at least two water protectors using locking devices on the drilling machine at Dakota Access’s boring site on the Mississippi River. This morning protectors successfully stopped drilling any further underneath the Mississippi.

National press was on site and footage of the successful action is online. Footage showed successful lockdown. Footage also captured code violations from DAPL happening yet again. No work is to continue after the rain or at night to ensure that construction is consistent with Iowa law, land restoration standards, and independent agreements on land restoration. Iowa Utilities Board has noted special procedures for individuals to file complaints and grievances.


The event was another successful nonviolent action that continues in the campaign to stop an oil pipeline from going underneath the Mississippi. Locals have already expressed concern about the guarantee of workmanship considering how quickly Dakota Access seems to be completing said pipeline.

Yesterday Lee County Sheriff threatened eviction to protectors holding ground below the construction site. Landowners in support have offered protectors places to stay. Since notice of eviction, hundreds from across the country have caravanned to support these water protectors and the millions downstream of the Mississippi. For weeks protectors have held an encampment on Mississippi River road called “Mississippi Stand.” Hundreds of people from the tri-state area have come to Mississippi Stand to stop construction through nonviolent civil disobedience. Supporters continue to mobilize from across the country to continue resistance and continue to arrive throughout the day.

Local support continues to grow as water protectors made a presence in the homecoming parade last evening in Keokuk, Iowa. More action is planned Saturday morning with large crowds from across the state to come and act in peaceful nonviolent demonstration. Starting at 9A with prayer, with nonviolent direct action and legal training to follow before direct action in the afternoon. All participating in direct action are required to participate in training to ensure safety and understanding of all relevant legalities.

“I am very proud of all the water protectors stopping this Dakota Access Pipeline that is a disaster waiting to happen. A pipeline underneath the Mississippi will change our very way of life and as a community we need to do our part to support these brave people.” Penny Johnson, Montrose, Iowa, 60.

Link to livestream:


CONTACTS Aaron Murphy 660-956-2451, Ruby Montoya : 602-769-9332, MississippiStand@gmail.com


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