Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Update on fight against Dakota Access pipeline

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal council has released an update on their efforts to stop the Dakota Access pipeline.

“We would like to take this opportunity as a council to address our community and assess where we are in our efforts to defeat this pipeline.

We assure you that the council is fully aware and united in our efforts to do what is right for our people. We stand by our leadership as we begin the difficult task of developing new relationships with the incoming administration, with the goal of sharing our perspective. The concerns that are obvious to us are foreign to many, and we must try and educate and explain in the hopes that they understand, or at the very least grant us the benefit of the doubt. We will not win any arguments if we go in completely oppositional to this administration. Our only path forward to protecting our water is to spread awareness and be heard.

While tribal representatives have met with elected officials of both parties as well as companies involved in the pipeline battle, we are in no way “negotiating” with the companies nor the administration. We are not giving into the proposed route and never will. But we are using every social and political tool in our power to help those who may oppose us to work with us and not against us.

We are increasing pressure on the current administration to start the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process before the end of President Obama’s term. As soon it is announced, we will work to have scoping sessions as soon as possible to determine the area that will be examined. Please be assured that we continue to stand united against the completion of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. We must remain united and stay focused on our goal; water is life.”


5 thoughts on “Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Update on fight against Dakota Access pipeline

  1. I am behind you 100%. I have donated twice. There is no better cause than to start cleaning up our planet. It starts in my own back yard. It blows my mind that a few people can decide to build through owned properties, then start to build without consulting the owners. It just doesn’t make sense. These people are either crazy in the head or have no moral conscience.

  2. keystone pipeline use the railroad tracks already establish to pipeline cananda to texas if not the billion of oil will link out into the aquifer under the the states. try living in my mother shoes Pamela Lynn Warner Farmington New mexico

  3. My gear is assembled, my truck is tuned and I am ready to come north in your support regardless of the weather. I have extra cases of food and supplies to donate to the effort. NO DAPL

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