Standing Rock Sioux Tribe responds to DAPL’s attempt to block an Environmental Impact Statement

Fort Yates, N.D.— Yesterday, attorneys representing the Dakota Access Pipeline filed a motion for a temporary restraining order (TRO) asking the Court to block the publication of the announcement about the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in the federal register, which we are anticipating this week. DAPL is arguing that we must wait for the court to decide whether or not the necessary easements have already been granted; a different lawsuit that both the Tribe and the Dept. of Justice (representing the Corps) have moved to have dismissed. The Army Corps has also issued statements that directly contradict DAPL’s claim.

Dakota Access is clearly concerned that an EIS will seriously jeopardize their proposed project. While Dakota Access is seeking to block an EIS, the Tribe is confident that the fair and comprehensive process of an EIS will illustrate what the Tribe has been saying all along—the Dakota Access cannot properly cross under Lake Oahe at the location immediately upstream of the Standing Rock reservation. The best way to analyze the alternative routes is through a full EIS.



Chelsea Hawkins

4 thoughts on “Standing Rock Sioux Tribe responds to DAPL’s attempt to block an Environmental Impact Statement

  1. Hau, the original patrilineal descent hereditary chief and head men of the original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation are watching this with great interest as the Ft.Laramie treaties of 1837,1851 and the last legal binding document between two sovereign nations is the 1868,are being abused by the Federal government and their 1934 Indian reorganization act white man governments, the I.R.A. Sioux tribes of 1934 are under a social contract, to educate ,assimilate and terminate these artificial indians on september 29,2009, this is the 75 yr. Plan. This 1868 treaty was affirmed as a legal binding document between two sovereign nations on April 28,2009. This court case was Elk-vs- Us. . This case proves that we,the original hereditary full blood Lakota are still here despite all the GENOCIDE that was committed on our people. The federal government created and innovated the federally recognized tribal members (artificial Indians) And used them to fraudulently convey flesh and blood oceti sakowin aka great Sioux nation Lakota,Dakota,Nakota And Wajaje treaty Indian land into real estate. Illegally and unlawfully created the 1887 Dawes act to convert and convey to the offspring of the pedophiles,mountain men (squawmen) calvry and clergy.these are the created, innovated federally recognized ,artificial federal tribal indians .these can never be original , flesh and blood lakota,dakota,nakota and wajaje of the original oceti sakowin aka the great Sioux nation.Fraud is happening as the DAPL pipelines are being constructed with out a legal and lawful easements and right of ways in the treaty territory of 1851 and 1837. North Dakota and South Dakota are illegally created in 1889 with out explicit consent of the 3/4 adult male lakota,dakota
    Nakota and wajaje as required in the treaties .the modern era federal Indians are not a party to the sacred treaties as their creation was from 1934 federal government .legally and lawfully these tribes are fraudulently using treaties and Indian appropriations money. The senators and Congress are in collusive and conclusive presumptions to commit fraud by their mechanisms of theft by deception. Sovereigns can not impose upon another sovereign. Logan act violations:senate can not invade and Congress itself is powerless to intrude into a treaty,only the President can make a treaty and for his conduct he is liable to the original organic US constitution.this belongs to the 13 unified colonies. In this constitution, the 13th amendment was changed with out the , we the people, the 13th amendment was supposed to read , no BAR association lawyer, attorney can ever run for,hold public office or be a public servant. So ,what happens to the 37states that were added to these colonies. They are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! The CITIZENS of these illegal and unlawful states are not party to the organic US constitution as they are not descendants of the constitutional writers (SCOTUS- decision) which brings us back to the Treaties and the original territories . The federal government has no legal and lawful jurisdiction to create, innovate and legalize any states within the treaty territory.they lack subject matter:jurisdiction,sovereignty. The BAR Association lawyers,Attorneys and Judges do not have statutory and constitutional authority to make any decisions concerning,land,air,water or Bio atmosphere for any and all original flesh and blood beings . hereditary,full blood people of all nations in the western hemisphere are sovereign and stand apart from any and all social contracts. Treaties are not social contracts and can not be interpreted by the modern federal Indian, or any other BAR Association LAWYERS, ATTORNEYS and JUDGES. Any judge,bureaucrat or government agent who takes an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution and who violates that oath is guilty of treason, penalty is still death by a full blood hereditary Lakota chief and head man of the original seven council fires nation aka great Sioux nation, I have spoken to the original hereditary chief and head men and we will initiate a treaty violation lawsuit against the President B.Obama and President elect D.Trump. As U.S. Presidents, they can not enter into a treaty agreement and make any changes, modifications or amendments with out the required3/4 adult male , (full blood) signatures ,and they don’t have the power to take or make any decisions concerning the sacred estates held in the land. Under the provisions of these treaties, we hold in nullity all acts, executive orders ,statutes and alien and foreign white man rule of law.UCC,TAXATION and eminent domain DOES not apply within the sovereign treaty territories.which is the United states. The illegitimate state governors and the creation of the states are in violation of these sacred, bona fide covenants , the treaties made with the national government and the original red man .these can never be extinguished by fundamental public policy. The bureaucratic governments of these states do not have any legal and lawful jurisdiction and authority to make any permitting process or convey treaty Indian land for any and all exploitation by THE BAR ASSOCIATION LAWYERS AND ATTORNEYS,And JUDGES,USING the FEDERAL,STATES,COUNTIES,TRIBES,COUNTY-TRIBES And MUNICIPALITIES to COMMIT a lot of CRIME AGAINST THE ORIGINAL FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLE IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.THERE’S No EQUALITY, WE ARE NOT WHITE.. THERE Will never be JUSTICE for REAL ,FLESH and blood Beings in the WESTERN hemisphere. SO NOW,THE original hereditary chief and head Men of the original seven council fires nation aka the great Sioux nation Will NOTICE THE BUREAUCRATIC GOVERNMENTS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND THE VATICAN. ISPO-FACTO, AB-INITIO, NULL AND VOID FROM THE BEGINNING, PACK UP AND GO HOME. FEDERAL BELONGS IN THE 10 SQUARE MILE AREA CALLED WASHINGTON CITY,D.C., IN THE JUDICIAL BRANCH OF THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT. HO, HECETU -YELO, SA I MATO MIYE YELO

  2. Block DAPL at every opportunity. Do not withdraw, or you will definitely face a total destruction and poisoning to land and waterways…
    The majority of New Zealand natives, support the American Indian Natives and will remain in peaceful protest against the US government and DAPL corporation.
    Time approaches fast, for those inflicting disharmony to many, will be judged and face the punishment deserved.

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