San Francisco Moves Towards Divesting $1 Billion over Dakota Access pipeline

San Francisco, CA – on Tuesday March 14, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted in support of efforts to divest from banks funding the Dakota Access pipeline.

The unanimous vote approved a resolution to urge the City Treasure to add the Dakota Access pipeline on a list of “screening factors” to consider when making investment decisions.

The resolution was introduced by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer.

“Let’s hope that our action today in passing this resolution adds volume to the voices across the country condemning the Dakota Access Pipeline.” Sandra Lee Fewer

If approved, San Francisco could divest up to $1.2 billion from its portfolio of issuers who are currently provided financing to the Dakota Access pipeline.

Indigenous activists, led by Jackie Fielder and the San Francisco defund DAPL coalition, have pressured city law makers to divest from the Dakota Access pipeline.

Follow the San Francisco defund DAPL coalition for updates.

Picture from San Francisco defund DAPL coalition Facebook page

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