UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2017

In the Spirit of World Peace. In the Spirit of Peace with Mother Earth.

In global acknowledgement of the INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL MONUMENT at STANDING ROCK, in the Oceti Sakowin Treaty Territories of the Dakotas, the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala;

In denunciation of the War Crime of International Aggression by agents of the United States government, and paramilitary police proxies of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners, et al for the acts of violence camouflaged as domestic police actions at Standing Rock;

The denial of the Recognition, Respect and Guarantees of Protection for the Right of Free, Prior and Informed Consent of the Oceti Sakowin Dakota Nakota Lakota for the Dakota Access Pipeline Project DAPL is not only a moral, ethical, and legal issue but a DEMAND that this DENIAL OF CONSENT by the Original Nations of the Missouri River Watershed for the project be NOTED OFFICIALLY AS A FINANCIAL LIABILITY on the ledgers of the owner corporation Energy Transfer Partners and all DAPL investors and partners.

We call for the full, effective and immediate recognition, respect and international guarantees for the right of Free, Prior, and Informed Consent of Indigenous Peoples over economic development projects that impact our traditional territories.

In the spirit of equality of Indigenous Peoples, we call for the World Bank to acknowledge the criteria of Free, Prior and Informed Consent as a Rights Holder position, not a merely stake holder position, in the processes of consultation that may or may not eventually deliver an agreement of free, prior and informed consent for World Bank supported projects.

We call for the full and effective application of the appropriate and necessary protocols and procedures of DECOLONIZATION as have been articulated under UN General Assembly Resolutions 1514, and GA1541 with respect to the Right of Self Determination of the Original Nations of Indigenous Peoples of the Great Turtle Island Abya Yala, equal to all other peoples.

We demand for restitution of the Treaty Archive of primary source materials that was lent to UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Miguel Alfonso Martinez for the purposes of the UN Study on Treaties, Agreements and special arrangements completed in 1999.


Continental Commission Abya Yala

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