Stories of Strength: Arming Sisters Launches Site to Help Heal from Sexual Assault

In 2013, when we originally launched as Arming Sisters, we had a blog called Stories of Strength.

These stories are our medicine. We will tell them to heal ourselves & one another. And we will not be ashamed.” – Kerry Lessard

Stories of Strength is a place where we can all share our stories of sexual assault. From recovery, what’s helped (or hindered) you – to the deep, gritty, stomach churning stories we carry with us after.


  • Because those impossibly heavy moments we carry begin to slip away, a layer at a time, when we share our scars.
  • Because stories as such are barely visible in day to day life – beyond a headline or two.
  • Because feeling alone & alienated is something we can all relate to.
  • Because sharing your story doesn’t only heal you, but others.

Let’s inspire together, take a few healing steps together, & remind each other we are not alone.

Story Submissions…

Any & all sexual assault stories are welcomed. What you share is up to you. Submissions could range from what helped you recover to the the dark moments we carry.

Feel free to remain anonymous, use a pen name – or bare your real name. It’s your choice.

Any and all are welcome to join in this healing journey!

Regardless of gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity etc…you only need be an Earthling.

Reach out to one of our founders, Patty or Dereck Stonefish via email:


Head to our website & fill out a contact form.

Patty Stonefish
Founder / Joint Lock Ninja


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