Statement from Leonard Peltier regarding Murdered Native Women

In loving Honor of one of our own Savannah LaFountaine-Greywind and all of our murdered and missing Native Women.

Greetings my friend’s, relative’s, supporters and loved ones,

I want to speak to you today in regards to some current events that have taken place. The one most noteworthy at this time which is representative of an ongoing problem for our people is the horrific murder of Savannah LaFontaine-Greywind. Savannah, whose baby was ripped from her womb, and then Savannah body wrapped in a plastic bag and thrown into the river.

Savannah LaFontaine-Greywind

Death among our people by other than natural situations have, for generations been untimely, unnecessary and tragic. Savannah death is a gruesome example of what happens to so many of our people at the hands of this dominate society. Our native women are ten times more victims of violence than any other group of women. And that is violence from non-Indians, that is a statistical fact. Our women are kidnapped and killed and made to disappear more than any other group. Its as if society has put us in the category of some species that is expendable.

Whether America wants to believe it or not, the Native American people and their philosophy is crucial to survival of America. We have given our lives to protect the mother earth and bring to your attention the destruction that this industrial society perpetrates against the natural ecology of this portion of the planet where we all dwell. If Savannah’s terrible, tragic, horrific death was an unusual occurrence, then we could probably grieve as we often do and move on. But her death is representative of common occurrences against our people and especially our young women. We cannot afford, physically, emotionally, mentally or any other way for this type of behavior to continue. I am not a begging man. It is not part of our culture to beg. But I’m begging you white America to rise to the occasion and help stop this continuing residual byproduct of the genocide that has been perpetrated against Native people.

It is a time in history now that all the different religions, faiths and philosophies need to come together and actively, in a loud voice, seek change in America. Based on respect, for one another, the creator of all things, the mother earth and actively take part in bringing about this needed change of direction that America has taken for so long, for too long. I am not just talking about our indigenous people either, I am referring to all people and all colors of people and all social economic levels of people. The web of life in America is deeply fractured and torn. And I know anyone taking time to read this knows in their heart that my words are true.

So challenge yourself to make a difference. having said that, I want to encourage you to find it within your heart to donate to this child that was a victim of this mindset that allows this type of tragedy to take place. Savannah’s little girl that was ripped from your womb, will need your help. Savannah had picked out a name for her while she was still unborn, her name is Haisley Jo and you can donate to help establish her in a healthy environment by sending your donations to any U.S. Bank in the name of the child, Haisley Jo.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse,
Mitakuye Oyasin
Leonard Peltier

14 thoughts on “Statement from Leonard Peltier regarding Murdered Native Women

  1. I see a common trend with mainstream news reporting. They aren’t mentioning Savannah is a Native American women from People Magazine to BBC. I feel most are afraid to mention this because (1) it disturbs colonialism (2) affirms genocide is still happening and (3) saying she is not Native makes her and us invisible.

    Please email mainstream media and call them out on this bullshit.

    • I noticed that also. I am concerned about the fact Haisley Jo has nor been released to the family. Why is she still in state custody? It seems like this family has suffered enough.

    • No matter native, white, black, Mexican or other…I find her death horrific and the two that did this to her, her baby, her fiancee, parents and family deserve death penalty and I hope they rot in hell. So many prayers and sympathy to all who loved her. She has touched the hearts of everyone. Even those who didn’t know her. 😦

  2. The reality of the genocide against us is real and it still exists, we are survivors of our ancestors. I believe in historical trauma , I come from the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska and I am Yankton Sioux , on both side’s of my family , there was the Winnebago Warrior Chief Little Priest and his Brother Chief Gray Wolf who is My 2nd Great grandfather.The Winnebago’s have gone through so much, Warrior Chief Little Priest Gave his life to save his people and was heart broken that he had to fight against his own. So on both sides my heart is heavy for them and all that they had to endure on both sides of my family.
    On the Yankton Sioux side ,my great grand mother Winona Keith Garvie escaped with her 3 week old son James Garvie , during the Battle of Little Big Horn, she fled to Canada with a band of Crow who helped her , while her husband a Scottish Fur trader stayed behind so she and their son would be able to live. He was killed by the Sioux , yet he was married to a Yankton Sioux women.
    All native women with children and who are married to a white man were ordered to be killed.
    My Scottish great grandfather gave his life , to save his family or I would not be here today.
    It is mentioned in the Book , The Battle of little Big Horn.
    The family history on both sides, the blood of my ancestors runs thru my veins , I feel more than others, I am drawn to my people on both sides , I feel their pain daily , I pray to them daily as well as to Our Creator. I went to the battle of little bighorn , for healing and when I stepped out of my car, all I felt was an overwhelming feeling of sadness, grief and pain… nothing but tears began run down my face, thinking and imaging what happened on this very spot.
    I had people coming to me to ask if I was ok , and I said no… I am in mourning for many many years and always will be , because of what happened to us … Us I mean all Nations are in mourning , it runs thru our veins , we carry that with us , generation after generation .
    We are all survivors of the Genocide , they insist never happened , We are living proof of the Genocide that is still happening today , it never stopped , they just don’t talk about it in the history books and in the media today….. the white man just ignore the Genocide today. It makes people uncomfortable to hear the the TRUTH and the Truth is being exposed … Genocide was not just against the Jews. It has been going on for hundreds of years.
    I attended the movie Wind River last night, and it was so real on what is happening to our young native women I must have cried through out the whole movie.
    My heart is heavy for Savannah LaFountaine – Greywind and her family that she was taken from in such a way , this proves the Genocide has never left , so we are Standing up and saying NO More. Praying daily for all of our people, to stay safe and strong , humble and pray for us all of us , for we are still here . We are not invisible , We are INDIGENOUS , we are United!!

  3. What a terrible tragedy this is and I hope that the person/persons responsible are truly punished. And I also hope that there is justice for Leonard sooner rather than later his case is truly the biggest miscarriage of justice ever carried out in American history. Marion Mcintosh Clydebank Scotland X

  4. Just reposted on Project: TANASI – Tennessee Alliance for Native Americans Seeking Interaction. Our facebook group link will be included (I encourage all to join. We are a group of enrolled native neighbors & concerned citizens for the Native community in Tennessee.)

  5. Just reposted on Project: TANASI – Tennessee Alliance for Native Americans Seeking Interaction. Our facebook group link will be included (I encourage all to join. We are a group of enrolled native neighbors & concerned citizens for the Native community in Tennessee.)

  6. A’ho, I have been a follower of Leonard’s for a long time. I pray that he will be free soon. It is so sad that our people are treated like animals and kept in cages for little or no fault of theirs. Fly high Savannah.

  7. My heart is sadden by so many of our stolen sister, rest in peace Savannah GreyWind , you are home, , prayers for your family , to cope , for strenght, for comfort,
    And to all families of missing , murdered, raped, abused sisters across the globe of Mother Eart ,
    It is with honor and respect !

  8. Dear Lord in Heaven, my heart absolutely breaks for Savanna, her family, your community & to all Native Americans who are being victimized by non Native Americans, the white man, etc. I am no longer proud, to call myself an American Citizen, because I live in a country that is unjust. This genocide is not being talked about on the evening news, the injustice that has happened since before our “founding fathers,” is of no concern to anyone & Trump proved this, by approving the DAPL Pipeline. Although my skin is white & I am blonde haired & blue eyed, I am over a 3rd Native American & of the Apache Tribe from Arizona. That being said, I live with one foot, in each world. My Daddy was 3/4 Apache & he was killed when a cop chased him off private property for drinking & he was tased & knocked into the way of a speeding van. Every time I see a middle aged Native American Man, I see my Daddy & my heart both rejoices & cries at once! I’m so sorry on behalf of “The white man.” I’m sorry that justice does not exist, I’m sorry for every act of injustice that’s occured toward Native Americans, since the white man came to this land we call, “America.” The only thing this country seems to care about is growth, revenue, politics & war! We live in a country that cares more about money, than we do sacred land, heritage & Mother Earth. It makes me so very sad! The loss of this beautiful woman & so many more before her, makes me so very sad! How do we fix this? We’re in trouble & we’re at a point, where we’re truly fearful, that we are nearing a point of no return. I pray to God to help us & I am certain, that as God looks down upon Mother Earth, he sheds a tear. We’ve caused unGodly destruction & damage & we will face judgement day & pay for these sins. I myself, choose to be a part of the solution, not the problem. I send love & prayers, from Arizona.

    ~Dianna Baumgartner

  9. The late Dennis Bank’s ex-wife Ka Mook (Denise) already collected statements that Leonard Peltier was behind the order to murder Anna Mae Pictou Aquash AIM Activist. Leonard had bragged to Annie Mae & Kamook how her executed 2 FBI agents by shooting them in the face after making them beg for their lives. Later on, as paranoia spread through AIM, Anna Mae was “Bad Jacketed” as being a Government Informant when she never was. Leonard stuck a gun in Anna Mae’s mouth to make her go along with the false accusation, but she stayed with AIM, and was later kidnapped and executed by John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud, both are in prison for Anna Mae’s murder ( this is why Obama never pardoned Peltier ). Thelma Rios was found guilty of driving for the kidnapping, but she passed away already.

    This post is “signed” with Leonard Peltier’s name? Really?


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