Frank Waln Releases Epic New EP The Bridge

This is music for a generation of Indigenous youth rising to meet the challenges they have inherited. This is music for those intent on dreaming a world into being that allows them to thrive and be proud. This is resurgent, healing music for the people.” ~RPM

Hip-hop artist Frank Waln has just released a masterful new EP The Bridge which collects several recent singles including the Disney flip-the-script classic What Made the Red Man and the epic 7 (feat. Tanaya Winder) along with new tracks.

Frank Waln and The Sampson Brothers performing at Colorado State University.

Waln rhymes with fierce urgency that weaves the anger, pain and frustration from the impacts of colonization and genocide with a sense of immediacy to protect the homelands, families and cultural traditions.

You forced our cultures underground, underground/But you ain’t stopping no one now, no one now/We’re stronger and we know it now, know it now” from the track 7

The Bridge is loaded with special guest contributors including Tanaya Winder, Gunner Jules, and Samsoche Sampson.

The Bridge – Track List

What Made the Red Man Red
Basements (feat. Nake Nula Waun)
Rollie’s Interlude (feat. Rollie Raps)
Victory Song (feat. Kodi DeNoyer)
7 (feat. Tanaya Winder)
Runaway (feat. Kodi DeNoyer & Melody McKiver)
Back to the Beginning (feat. Tanaya Winder)
Good Way (feat. Gunner Jules & Rollie Raps)
My Stone 2017 (feat. Samsoche Sampson & Yako 440)

The Bridge is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and all digital platforms.

For more information go to

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