Register Now for the 2018 Lakota Language Summer Institute

In 2007, Sitting Bull College, located in Fort Yates on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, opened its doors to the Lakȟótiyapi Summer Institute (LSI). LSI was created in a joint partnership between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Sitting Bull College and the Lakota Language Consortium as an opportunity to bring together Lakota/Dakota teachers, speakers and learners.

An incredible three weeks! Thank you for the awesome classes and incredible ability to transmit information and passion at the same time.”

Registration now open! As many of you already know, this year the Lakota Language Consortium will be offering the Lakota Summer Institute at UTTC, a residential tribal college with more housing to accommodate growing demand. LSI’S tradition of excellence and community continues! Expect:

  • Tracks for ​all levels, from total ​beginner to advanced
  • Revamped courses in conversation, grammar and teaching methods
  • Latest materials from the Lakota Language Consortium
  • Many familiar instructors from past LSI’s, led by Jan Ullrich
  • Lower program cost than previous years!
  • Affordable CEU’s and credits available
  • Affordable modern housing and meal options onsite

Deadlines to Register:
April 1 — For participants needing credits
May 1 — Everyone else

Learn more or register here

3 thoughts on “Register Now for the 2018 Lakota Language Summer Institute

  1. Who is the instructor for the Lakota language? I speak Dacotah but I do need a refresher as I am planning to teach our language in 2 years. I am now a certified Para for the New Town School. My grandson lives with me who I want to see graduate, his mom, my daughter passed on 12/31/16; so I put my plan on hold to attend SBC for a refresher course.

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