Divest the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Burnaby B.C. – The battle over the construction of the controversial Kinder Morgan backed Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline has heated up significantly in the past several weeks. In mid-March, 1st Nations communities called for mass and continued direct actions against the Texas based company and to “Protect the Inlet.”

Thousands have descended upon Coast Salish territory in Burnaby, BC at the proposed end site for the Trans Mountain pipeline. In addition to a traditional watch house being constructed, hundreds have engaged in direct action blockading the gates to Kinder Morgan’s tank farm.

About 200 people have been arrested to date.

Throughout unceded Secwepemc Territory, tiny houses are being constructed by water protectors to stop the construction of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline from crossing their territory.

On April 8th, Kinder Morgan Limited announced that they were suspending all non-essential funding related to the controversial Trans Mountain Tar Sands Pipeline.

A frantic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has been trying to re-assure Kinder Morgan that the pipeline will be built despite the strong opposition.

In a press release, Kinder Morgan stated that it will, “consult with various stakeholders in an effort to reach agreements by May 31st that may allow the Project to proceed. The focus in those consultations will be on two principles: clarity on the path forward, particularly with respect to the ability to construct through BC; and, adequate protection of KML shareholders.”

From a rally outside of TD Bank in Vancouver. Photo by Marjorie Johnson

With shareholder uncertainty comes the perfect opportunity to increase divestment efforts against the financial institutions financing the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Banks Talking shows those who are banking on the Trans Mountain pipeline. See full list of banks in the following link:


The Native led organization Mazaska Talks has compiled a set of tool kits and resources to help individuals, Tribes and cities to divest.

Divestment is an effective strategy to remove ones money from funding projects that violate Tribe’s inherent rights and desecrate Unci Maka (grand-mother earth)


by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle)

Matt Remle (Lakota) is an editor and writer for Last Real Indians and the author of Seattle’s ordinance to divest from Wells Fargo and the co-founder of Mazaska Talks. Follow at @wakiyan7

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