Gabriel Night Shield Releases “SAVivor”

South Dakota Hip Hop Pioneer, Gabriel Night Shield returns to the scene this October with his 7th solo release, “SAVivor” slated to hit worldwide October 5th on all platforms. The album is Night Shield’s first since 2015’s Native American Music Award winning “The Addiction” and boasts 11 new songs and has had 4 music videos released so far.

Night Shield went into “SAVivor” aiming to focus more on live instrumentation in order to create a different sound than previous works, recruiting Mike Dresch to craft much of the projects sound. From the Marilyn Manson sampled “Killing Strangers” to the harmonica laden blues heavy “Hey Baby”, the album is very “Rock” influenced while staying Hip Hop to its core. This sound is executed perfectly on the single “Bang Your Head” which also features Metal band Fluxx and longtime collaborator Maniac: The Siouxpernatural. The album’s title track features Wellington Downz and fellow Native American Music Award winner Cody Blackbird in which Night Shield laments on past failures and his matured outlook on life.

“As a single Dad I wanted to craft a project that was still me and my experiences, but something I wouldn’t be afraid of having my daughter or her friends listen to” says the three time Native American Music Award Winner. “I feel with a lot of my previous work there was a heavy emphasis on ‘Life being a party’, but it was important to me to show the flip side and more serious aspects of my life and the real life consequences I’ve faced as a result of that lifestyle with this album.”

Night Shield also hosts the popular “Urban Indianz Podcast” on the Sioux Empire Podcast Network which also captures this point of view as well as the show often tackles heavy issues in the Native American community as well staying light hearted and fun.

The official release party for “SAVivor” will be held 2 days before South Dakota’s Native American Day, October 6th, at The Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls, SD. The show will feature performances from Night Shield himself, alongside Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, Brandis B. Knudsen, Rogues Gallery & More. Later in October Night Shield will be joining Hip Hop legends Nelly & Juvenile for a show in Brookings, SD at the Swiftel Center on October 25th, to be followed by a full tour of the region for Night Shield to support the new album.

Ask ‘Em
Bang Your Head featuring Fluxx & Maniac: The Siouxpernatural
Killing Strangers featuring Marilyn Manson
Reckless featuring Trey Lane, CrimeSpree & Gorilla Pimp
The Truth (The Only One)
Hey Baby featuring Maniac: The Siouxpernatural & Wellington Downz
SAVivor featuring Wellington Downz & Cody Blackbird
Lesson Learned featuring Brandis B. Knudsen
Higher Place featuring Elizabeth Hunstad
Never Know Your Name featuring V The Noble One, Maniac: The Siouxpernatural, Trey Lane, F. Dux & Rogues Gallery
The Warning

Gabriel Night Shield
(605) 376-0589

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