Warrior Women by Riley Brooks and Meixi

I am a warrior
I am Indigenous
I am gay
I am trans
I am the land under your
feet keeping us together
I am the waves
pushing pushing pushing
I am the wind swimming
through your sea of long lost
I am the raging fire that
cleans and controls
I am a person
but mostly a queen

We are women
I am not your property
I am not the smells
swirling shifting sifting
through the house
I am not a mask of makeup
or a pearly pink dress
I am not the flight attendant
I am the pilot
My body is not yours
My body is beauty and bliss
The blood that I shed
swoosh swoosh
Like the moon our darkness is light
the moon cries the shine of
watery eyes
we are not missing
we are still here.

I cry for the voices of my sisters
They whisper in my ears
The songs that I hear
Like a bullet in the breeze
We come from years of resistance
Do you not remember?
We come from the 7 generations
We come from the 4 directions
Do you not remember?
We come from the land
We come from the water
We are the language coursing
Through your veins

Aw bo yi ja
I know I know I know

Lose the lightness of your tongue
It’s system like walls dividing and
Writing the “right” thing in our minds
Collapsing our veins into alcohol filled trains
Buzzing and whirling
Contaminating our very existence
Our future ancestors are connected through
lands and seas.
Do you not see me?
Do you not hear me?
My scars help me heal
What the appeal?
My heroines will not bow down.

Riley Brooks (14) Kiowa

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