Ikoshy Indigenous American Art

Artist, entrepreneur, and owner of Ikoshy Indigenous American Art, Timoteo Ikoshy Montoya (Lipan Apache Band of Texas) draws on his Native teachings for inspiration in his works.

Timoteo Ikoshy Montoya was born in Corpus Christi,Texas in 1956. When he was nine his family moved to San Francisco, California. His artistic abilities have been with him since his youth. As he made his way through school, his creativity was encouraged by his family and instructors. He remembers, “When I was growing up in Texas and later in California, my older brother and I spent a lot of time drawing and creating. Our family didn¹t spend time on emphasizing our “Indianess”. The Indian people in our family was common knowledge just as it was with many Tejano families. It seemed that we were just trying to survive and make a place for ourselves just like the rest of America.”

He lived in the San Francisco bay area until his move up to Humboldt County where he attended College of the Redwoods. It was there when he entered the Native American Studies Program and began his involvement with other native peoples in securing their culture and history. He remembers an elder Lakota brother referring to it as becoming a Born Agin¹ Savage. “It was at this time that I fully understood how much the Indian part of our family was a very important part of the foundation of my own life.”

He also began to paint using acrylics, his work making the most of ideas and inspiration from the native environment he was in. His art, from it¹s inception, represents the evolution of immersion in native teachings as it traced it¹s way through ceremonies and the everyday part of his own personal life. Ikoshy has never had any formal art training. ” I was born with my artistic abilities and my elders, the sweat lodge and related ceremonies have been my art instructors”, he states.

LRInspire editor Matt Remle recently spoke with Timoteo about his company, its origins and why it is important to support Native owned businesses.

Tell us about Ikoshy Brand Apparel

Ikoshy Brand Apparel and Accessories, was created as a way to present my art, in all its forms, to those who want to outfit their everyday wear or traditional regalia. I also like to post the process as I create the different types of jewelry, crafts or paintings. I think it stimulates more interest in the different art pieces as the public views the creative art process.

What motivated you to want to start making jewelry & art.

I believe that native artists are the record keepers as indigenous peoples move along in this day and age. At times the art reflecting the state of consciousness and historic moments.

Why is it important to buy Native and support Native owned businesses?

When our artists are financially supported through the purchase of their art, it help keeps our culture stimulated and vibrant.

If people would like to view my work, or see what I’m working on, they can go to www.ikoshy.com or look me up on Instagram or Facebook. @IkoshyArt

by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle)

Matt Remle (Lakota) is an editor and writer for Last Real Indians and LRInspire and the co-founder of Mazaska Talks. Follow @wakiyan7

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