Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation Rising For Rights

We are currently experiencing land loss faster than anywhere else in the continental United States. And that is from salt water intrusion, canals being dredged, oil spills. Louisiana also has the second highest rate of cancer in the country. These people [oil companies] get to come to my beautiful state, rip it to hell, and then just retreat. They don’t have to see the damage, they don’t have to see the people dying of cancer…I do, constantly.” – Jessica Parfait, United Houma Nation, Graduate student at Louisiana State University exploring impacts of oil and gas on Houma tribal communities.

WATCH and SHARE this powerful video from the recent Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation, which traveled to New York City and Washington D.C. to engage with the 90+ international banks involved in the Equator Principles Association, and well as the large credit rating agency, MSCI. During high-level meetings and direct actions on the streets – the Delegation spoke out to share their experiences, evidence, and demands for banks and credit rating agencies to immediately stop financing and facilitating the extractive industry projects threatening Indigenous territories, communities around the world, and the global climate.

Those investing in fossil fuel development must become accountable to Indigenous rights, human rights, and the undeniable facts of climate change. Continued genocide of Indigenous communities and destruction of the water and land is intolerable. Join our Divest, Invest, Protect Campaign in demanding divestment now!

Learn more about the Indigenous Women’s Divestment Delegation to NYC and DC via the press release here:

Learn more about the Divest, Invest, Protect campaign, and the work of three previous Indigenous women’s delegations here:

* Video filmed and produced for the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network/Divest Invest Protect by Teena Pugliese.

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