Lakota slang phrases to use everyday by Alayna Eagle Shield

Learn to speak Lakota slang phrases to use everyday!(Lose translations from Denny Gayton)

heyéča-tkȟá = that reminds me!

Itéšniyaŋ = foreal?!

Haúŋ = AYE/NEXT! (frustration/pain/disappointment)

núŋǧe waníče = S/He has no ears!ohúŋwelaka = I can’t believe it’s come to this!

tasé = as if!

tuwéȟča škhéka = whoever heard (expresses DOUBT/DISBELIEF)

Wíš wí eyépika = whew! (an expression of relief when something bad almost happened)

ohúŋwelaka = I can’t believe it’s come to this!

iyéšničhaš = you DO say/do that!

itúkal’eš = thank GOD!

išníš = that’s a lucky break for me / YEE!!

Effie Čhaká glegléǧa = S/he’s a LIAR! (her/his tongue is striped – its an old timey reference to IKTÓMI)

eháŋk’uŋ = ohhhhh, I see now

Waaruxti éyahahe = _____ is a boss (REQUIRES A NAME)

ičhúŋwiŋškaš = not that bad!

oštík = aye/next/CRIPES!

íŋše čhignáye (šni)! – I’m (not) just kidding you!

líla eháš = too much!

oželá! = how cute!

Effie onúniyata úŋ = _____ is wandering around/lost

For more Lakota language lessons follow Alayna Eagle Shield here

Alayna Eagle Shield is from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST). Alayna is currently a Native American Community Academy (NACA) Inspired Schools Network Fellow and consultant. Her previous professional work includes the SRST Health Education Director, a Lakota Language instructor at the Lakota Language Immersion Nest and as the Language Specialist for the Language & Culture Institute. Alayna serves on multiple boards and committees and is currently the Native American Development Center Board Chair Person. She is also currently a Native American Community Academy (NACA) Fellow. Alayna earned her B.S. from the University of Mary (2014), Eminent Scholar from Sitting Bull College (2013), and Master of Public Health from NDSU (2017). Alayna offers multiple types of workshops including: Self Healing, Life Coaching, Powwow Dancing and Culture Sharing, Language learning and best practices, Comedy Performance, and Cultural Sensitivity.

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