Washington State’s Most Populous County Passes Second Moratorium on New and Expanded Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Seattle, WA – On July 10th, 2019, the King County Council passed a second 6-month moratorium on any new and or expanded fossil fuel infrastructure. King County, which includes Seattle, is the state’s most populous county and home to the third largest port in the United States.

Reducing the pollution that causes climate change I think quite possibly is the greatest moral imperative facing my generation.” Council member Upthegrove

Matt Remle co-founder of Mazaska Talks kicks off rally for fossil fuel free ordinance in Seattle. Photo by Chris Wilke

In January 2019, a coalition of Natives, labor and environmentalists successfully organized a campaign to get the county officials to pass a 6-month moratorium on any new or expanded fossil fuel infrastructure in King County.

The moratorium, “also kick[ed] off a regulatory rewriting process designed to update the county’s land use code and permitting regulations to ban new major fossil fuel infrastructure permanently. Additionally, it requires the King County executive’s office to complete a study on the effects of new fossil fuel facilities in the county.

In particular, the ordinance will focus on changing land use zoning codes to block new bulk storage terminals and refinery or export projects.”

Wednesday’s vote expanded the moratorium for an additional 6-months to allow for the completion of rewriting county regulations to make the ban permanent.

Saying no to new fossil fuel infrastructure is the first step to saying yes to real climate action, yes to a just transition & yes to a healthy climate future for all.” Jess Wallach, 350 Seattle

We remain relentless in our efforts to protect our lands, waters, communities, treaty rights, our grandchildren’s future, and Unci Maka our grandmother Earth.  We will continue our efforts to ensure we live as good relatives with all of creation and go after those whom value profit over life.”  Matt Remle (Lakota) co-founder of Mazaska Talks


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