Snoqualmie Indian Tribe celebrates Snoqualmie Rights Day

On October 6th, the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe hosted over 500 guests at a dinner gala to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the conclusion of the Tribe’s successful fight to obtain full federal recognition as a sovereign Tribal Nation.

With October 6th declared “Snoqualmie Rights Day”, the Tribe hosted Tribal Members, community leaders, and elected leaders from around the state – including former Governor Gary Locke, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Congresswoman Kim Schrier, and President Fawn Sharp of the Quinault Indian Nation – at an event dedicated to honoring the leaders who made major contributions to the Tribe’s fight for recognition, its civil rights advocacy, and its efforts to protect Snoqualmie Falls, the Tribe’s most sacred site.

“After our ancestors signed the Treaty of Point Elliott with the United States in 1855, our people had to fight for 144 years before our Tribe’s sovereignty and right to self-government was formally recognized,” said Snoqualmie Chairman Robert de los Angeles. “The Tribe’s leadership decided that the twentieth anniversary of that historic victory was a perfect time to not only celebrate that great achievement, but to humbly and sincerely thank the many people who selflessly contributed to our civil rights fight, as well as the grassroots movement to protect our Tribe’s most sacred site, Snoqualmie Falls.”

“Our Tribe is very proud of our history of leadership and civil rights advocacy, so this was an ideal opportunity to not just honor our own elders and ancestors, but the countless friends and allies who stood side by side with the Snoqualmie Tribe during our most trying times,” said Snoqualmie Vice Chairman Michael Ross. “As we honor and celebrate the past, our Tribe is recommitting to learning from the examples of our elders who sacrificed so much to give us chance to build a brighter future for our Tribe and all of our brothers and sisters, both in Indian Country and across every community in Washington State.”

Honorees at the event included Dr. Allyson Brooks, Gene Duvernoy, Ed Carriere, and Ramona Bennett, former Chairwoman of the Puyallup Tribe.

“I was honored to join the Snoqualmie Tribe to celebrate Snoqualmie Rights Day and honor the incredible achievements of the generations of leaders who fought for the Tribe’s recognition and civil rights,” said Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “The Snoqualmie Tribe remains on the front lines of civil rights advocacy and are a key partner government for the Attorney General’s Office on addressing Native American civil rights and environmental issues.”

“It was my honor to support the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe in its fight for federal recognition during my first term as Governor, and it was wonderful to return to see the incredible progress and advances the Tribe has made in such a short time,” said former Governor Gary Locke.

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe is a federally recognized tribe in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. Known as the People of the Moon, Snoqualmie were signatories to the Treaty of Point Elliott in 1855. The Tribal Government headquarters are located in East King County. For more information visit

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