Learn some Lushootseed Slang by Natosha Gobin

Ever wonder what the kids these days are trying to say? Let’s learn it in Lushootseed!

Bet – yəhaẃ (proceed / “do it”)
OMG / WTH / Dang – ʔačəda (oh, my!)
Cap – bədčəb (lie / “yeah right”)
No cap – təɫsus (no lie / truth / “for real”)
Lit – daý haʔɫ (real good)
That sucks – xʷʔi ləhaʔɫ (no good)
New New – ɫaẃt ɫaẃt (new, latest edition, new item)
Trash – ṕaƛ́aƛ́ stab (nothing, no good, garbage)
Fire – q́ič́ (expensive, real nice)
Boomer – luƛ́təd (old person)
Crap – spəc (literally – poop / sh*t)

By Natosha Gobin (Tulalip)

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