Overcoming the “Quarantine Blues” by Jason Douglas

Most, if not all of us, are new to a government-imposed lockdown. Making the situation even harder, is the across-the-board unemployment that many Washington state citizens are experiencing, now.

The need for constructive methods for tackling this glaring side-effect of the Covid-19 virus outbreak is mounting, daily.

However, there is no reason to become overwhelmed, and give up. Many local resources are showing promise for all of us who are being negatively affected by quarantine.

While there are still opportunities for outdoor activities (while maintaining social distancing), a shift toward online education, as well as recreation, will be key, for staying socially-active and feeling healthy.

First, let’s go over some outdoor-related, stay-at-home activities:

Gardening/Home Maintenance

Spring is upon us, after all. Though gardening and planting anything new may be challenging, with the closure of retail hardware and garden stores. Do what you can! Even a simple lawn-mowing can make you feel more vital, weather-permitting.


Taking regular walks, or riding a bike, helps keep you feeling fit, and is still absolutely permissible, under current quarantine guidelines. Just remember the “6-foot rule”, when interacting with anyone else outside your family.

Our furry friends and family members, like the family dog, can be great motivators. Dog-walking is doubly good for shaking off those Wintertime blues.

While these outdoor activities fall under the normal category for this time of year, we are fortunate to still be able to participate in them.

Some of the indoor,online-oriented adaptations of our regular day-to-day include:

Online grocery-shopping and home grocery delivery

Tulalip Wal Mart offers their food selection online, anytime. And their Grocery Delivery offers a convenient, scheduled drop-off for home delivery.

Fred Meyer delivers groceries to your door, as we, with a $9.95 delivery fee.

Amazon also offers grocery delivery. But you may need to confirm availability at checkout, due to overwhelming orders, and a need to prioritize medical supplies orders, etc…

Staying in touch with loved ones and friends, via Zoom, Marco Polo, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

It feels better to see the faces and hear the voices of those we love, even if they are in a different geographic location from us. Thankfully, all we need is an internet connection and computer, to remain social and support one another.

Most kids and teens are obviously going to be online gaming with xBox, PlayStation, and the like…..but there are also opportunities for combating boredom through:

Cartoonnetwork. Com



Funbrain.com has games and reading materials for 1st thru 8th graders

Seek out local gyms and yoga studios who offer online exercise classes

Finally, on a more cultural level, there are many fulfilling Native activities, such as entertaining stories and historical info to read at http://www.hibulbculturalcenter.org.

Although the Tulalip Lushootseed Department is closed until March 31, you can visit their website: www.tulaliplushootseed.com or Facebook at Lushootseed Language for Lushootseed materials.

For the tactile approach to interacting with Tulalip traditions, perhaps sewing and beading while working on tribal regalia will help keep an important component of humanity and hope.

These are strange new times, with new challenges, for us all to overcome. Thankfully, we also live in times where for better or worse, we ARE a more global community. With this comes a feeling of togetherness, which can be a powerful weapon, even when we aren’t arm-in-arm, but rather connected via devices.

And don’t forget to get fresh air, every once in awhile!

by Jason Douglas, Tulalip News

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