Standing Rock Youth Council ask President Biden to shut down DAPL and Line 3 pipelines as they finish 93-mile run in protest

Standing Rock (February 9th, 2021)—The Standing Rock Youth Council completed a 93-mile relay run yesterday across the Standing Rock Sioux Nation, from Timber Lake to Cannonball River—the site of the historic #NoDAPL Oceti Sakowin camp from more than four years ago.
“We did this for one simple reason: the Dakota Access pipeline is illegal. It was pushed on our community, ignoring our treaties, just like Line 3,” said Jordin Sam, member of the Standing Rock Youth Council. “To Build Back Fossil Free, Biden must shut down DAPL and stop Line 3.”
Along with yesterday’s run, the Standing Rock Youth Council urged the President to take action in a video they released last Thursday. Across the country people uploaded photos and videos in solidarity with the youth’s call for #ShutdownDAPL solidarity actions including Los Angeles, Omaha and San Antonio. 
Federal Courts have affirmed that tribal treaty rights and environmental injustices and violations have occurred, and they have asked for the pipeline to cease operations while a new environmental study is conducted. 
A hearing scheduled for Feb. 10 between a U.S. District Judge and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been postponed to April 9 to allow the Army Corps to decide on whether the pipeline will be shut down or allowed to operate illegally without a permit. 
“We ran for the water just as we did four years ago. Biden has the opportunity to do right by Indigenous communities and must shut down DAPL and Line 3,” said Joseph White Eyes, member of the Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective. “Pushing these projects without our consent is ruining our way of life.”

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