LRInspire is a movement that seeks a warrior’s clarity based in spiritual reality. As Indigenous people we have survived attempts at wiping out our cultural identity, social systems, health, wellness, and ultimately our dignity. We must meet our challenges head on to move our people into the future, on our terms. We are defeating and preventing diabetes, substance abuse, suicide, and other challenges. We are strengthening our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. We lead by action. Our bodies are strong; Our minds are clear; Our spirits are blessed.

“Chase Iron Eyes”

LRInspire is driven by the idea that strong, healthy Native Nations start with strong, healthy Native people.

Our people are adapted to Turtle Island, and as this land has a memory of us, our bodies have a memory of it.  Our food, our medicines, our languages and our lives were and are tightly bound to the land from which we draw life; as we thrive, so too does our environment and those around us.  LRInspire seeks to provide support, encouragement, and inspiration for anyone striving for a healthy lifestyle, because we see that what helps any one of us, helps us all.  Whether you are looking to train for your next triathlon, or your first half mile, we know that looking and feeling good has less to do with clothing, makeup, or money and more to do with simply being happy with yourself.  LRInspire will foster these ideals of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and we will draw much of our inspiration from YOU!

“Twyla Baker -Demaray”