Inuit in solidarity with Indigenous Amazonians as thousands of forest fires blaze worsening international climate crisis

As thousands of hectares of tropical forest burn from wildfires in South America, Inuit across circumpolar nations in Alaska, Canada, Chukotka, and Greenland are expressing their solidarity with the Indigenous peoples living in the Amazon and their concern for the implications of these fires on the global climate system. Continue reading

Southern Resident Killer Whales given Lummi name in traditional ceremony

Lummi Nation held a Sna’teng, a traditional naming ceremony, for the Southern Resident Killer Whale population on Thursday, August 22, on a beach at H’eT’atCh’L, an ancestral village site on Orcas Island. Traditional names connect family members to one another, to ancestors, to culture, and to spirit. In receiving the name Sk’aliCh’elh, the qwe’lhol’mechen (orcas) were affirmed as members of the Lummi family. Continue reading