Edward S. Curtis.. Again? by Matika Wilbur

For the last fifteen years I have been photographing and sharing stories from indigenous communities in the United States. Since 2012, Project 562, has allowed me to do this work with folks from all over Indian Country and so far I’ve been to about 400 tribes. In the next couple of years I hope to complete my mission. Because of my dedication to photographing Native Americans, some people call me “The Modern Day Curtis”. Continue reading

Oglala Lakota singer / songwriter juQ releases music video “july” off his debut project “tempo” (The importance of the Winyan)

“Consistency & sincerity is something that can avidly get thrown around as if it is not something important when you present yourself in regards to having desires of bettering Oglala oyatekin and just native communities as a whole..” he says in a manner weary of the journey going forward. Continue reading

Divest the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Burnaby B.C. – The battle over the construction of the controversial Kinder Morgan backed Trans Mountain tar sands pipeline has heated up significantly in the past several weeks. In mid-March, 1st Nations communities called for mass and continued direct actions against the Texas based company and to “Protect the Inlet.” Continue reading