Sacred Stone Village Continues to Stand

Last year, the resistance camp known as the Sacred Stone Camp burst onto the global stage with its historic effort to stop the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. Today, the camp, now known as the Sacred Stone Village, continues to stand with a variety of projects from supporting other resistance camps, to planting trees, helping youth, to building renewable resource technologies. Continue reading

Sacred Stone Camp Hosts Mni Wiconi Water is Life Youth Festival

Ft. Yates Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – From July 6th – 7th, the Sacred Stone Camp hosted the Mni Wiconi Water is Life Youth Festival at Sitting Bull College. The festival featured music, arts, films and workshops. Continue reading

Message to Water Protectors: Protecting Yourself from Toxins by Linda Black Elk

Hello everyone, I’ve written up a plan to help water protectors who feel they may have been exposed to various poisons including herbicides, pesticides, surfactants, tear gas, pepper spray, etc. Please pass this around to anyone you feel might have concerns about exposure. Continue reading

Dying in Seattle by Rae Rose

Icy tears fall from the heavens; they melt and mingle with my own.   The early morning seems devoid of life, so desolate and alone.  Here I lay staring into a star filled sky.

Tonight is a night magically alight with stars and snow.  This winter morning is strangely surreal, wonderfully beautiful.  From where I lay a cloud of misted breath rises to mingle with icy white snow. Continue reading