The UTTC Mission

United Tribes Technical College is guided in its actions
by the following statement of its mission:

United Tribes Technical College is dedicated to providing American Indians with postsecondary and technical education in a culturally diverse environment that will provide self-determination and economic development for all tribal nations.


  • United Tribes Technical College is a premiere college, a leader in Tribal education, arts, cultural preservation, technology, research, and the humanities.
  • UTTC foresees a campus community with state-of-the-art facilities.
  • UTTC aspires to be self-sustaining in line with its mission for tribal self-sufficiency and self- determination.
  • Most importantly, UTTC envisions skilled, knowledgeable, culturally-grounded, healthy graduates who will achieve their educational goals; empower their communities; and preserve the environment, tribal land, water, and natural resources.

Values Statement

  • United Tribes Technical College Board of Directors, Administration, Staff, Faculty, and Students are guided in their actions by the following values:
U –  Unity T –  Traditions
N –  Native Americans R –  Respect
I –  Integrity I –  Independence
T –  Trust B –  Bravery
E –  Education E –  Environment
D –  Diversity S –  Spirituality
  • UTTC Affirms these values as being representative of the tribal medicine wheel concept.  This takes into consideration an individual’s physical, intellectual, cultural, and emotional wellness.  When these ideals are practiced, the UTTC community will flouish.

     For more information please contact:

     Dustin Thunder Hawk:

     United Tribes Technical College Recruiter

     Email @ dthunderhawk@uttc.edu

     Phone @ (701) 255-3285 Ext. 1420


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